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How To Organize A Watch Party On Hotstar

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With the introduction of the Hotstar Party Chrome extension, hosting a watch party on Hotstar has become an exhilarating experience. Moreover, this creative component reclassifies shared diversion by easily connecting loved ones across distances, raising normal surveys into extraordinary minutes. You can plunge into enrapturing content while enjoying exuberant conversations with friends and family, no matter what their area. This guide will guide you through the straightforward steps to arrange and relish your Hotstar watch party, crafting enduring memories and fortifying bonds with every interaction. Hence, prepare to embark on a voyage of collective joy and thrill on Hotstar!

1: Equip Yourself with the Hotstar Party Chrome Extension

1.1 Download and Install: Download the Hotstar Watch Party extension on your device, be it macOS, Chromebook, Computers, or Windows. Further, this can be done on browsers like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

1.2 Pin for Easy Access: After installation, locate the "Hotstar Party" button in your browser’s toolbar and pin it for convenient access. However, if it's not immediately visible, find it under the puzzle icon, which is in the top right corner of your browser.

2: Set Up Your Hotstar Account

2.1 Registration: Firstly, make sure you have a Hotstar account. If you don’t, sign up for one. Moreover, existing users can log in.

2.3 Subscription Verification: Ensure your subscription is active, as some content is restricted to premium users.

3: Select Your Desired Content

3.1 Choose Wisely: Browse Hotstar and select a movie or show you and your group would enjoy.

3.2 Availability Check: Verify that the chosen content is accessible in all regions where your watch party participants are located.

4: Plan Your Watch Party

4.1 Fix a Date and Time: Agree on a suitable date and time for all your guests after installing the Hotstar Watch Party extension.

4.2 Send Invitations: Besides, use email, social media, or messaging apps to send out your invitations.

5: Create Your Hotstar Watch Party

5.1 Initiate the Party: On the Hotstar interface, start playing your chosen content. Then, click on the "favicon" button to open the watch party window.

5.2 Create the Greeting Connection: Click on "CREATE A WATCH PARTY" and afterwards "START A PARTY" to make a remarkable watch party greeting URL.

6: Invite and Guide Participants

6.1 Distribute the URL: Also, share the watch party invitation link with your friends and family.

6.2 Provide Clear Instructions: Ensure everyone knows how to use the Hotstar Party Chrome extension and join the watch party.

7: Sync and Start Watching

7.1 Check Connectivity: Ensure all participants have a stable internet connection before starting.

7.2 Begin the Show: As the host, start the content at the agreed time and use the chat feature for real-time interactions.

8: Engage and Enjoy

8.1 Intelligent Review: Participate in lively discussions and group chats while watching your preferred show or movie.

8.2 Control the Party: Besides, as a host, you can handle the speed and air of the watch party. Moreover, it guarantees a customized insight for all.

9: Post-Watch Party Activities

9.1 Reflect and Discuss: After watching, have a group discussion to share thoughts and favorite moments.

9.2 Plan the Next Gathering: However, if the party succeeded, consider planning your next Hotstar Party.

Tips for a Successful Watch Party

1. Content Selection: Firstly, choose content that appeals to everyone.

2. Time Zone Consideration: Afterwards, be mindful of the different time zones of your participants.

3. Backup Content: Have an alternative movie or show ready for regional availability issues.

By following these means, you can set up and partake in a Hotstar watch party without much of a stretch, making it a remarkable encounter that rises above limits and brings individuals closer, regardless of where they are. Happy streaming!


The Hotstar Party Chrome extension available at Teleparty, has changed how we partake in diversion together, making watch parties on Hotstar a consistent and pleasant experience. It is now easier than ever to create lasting memories and strengthen bonds with loved ones, regardless of distance, with simple steps to set up and engage in lively discussions. So, dive into the world of collective joy and excitement on Hotstar, and let the adventures begin! Get Chrome Extension

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