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Enjoy Video Streaming In Real-Time Sync Via Teleparty

Are you planning to have fun and enjoyment with your friends and close ones, even if they reside far away from you? Then, what are you waiting for? Install the Teleparty extension now and create your Teleparty now. And turn on streaming all your favorite shows, series, and movies, even with your friends, to multiply entertainment. And don’t think this online extension is restricted to streaming only, as you can enjoy a lot more using it. So, fasten your belts because, along with moving forward, we also will learn about the entire process step-by-step.

Platforms you watch


It's been a long time meeting, spending time, or having a long talk with your overseas friends and family members. If yes, then rather than spending money on booking flight tickets, opt for something free and totally worth it. In case you couldn’t understand, the entire indication is towards the Teleparty. Teleparty, which is formally called Netflix Party, is now an online extension. This extension lets you watch all your favorite movies and shows alone or with your friends. Now, you must be thinking, how is it possible? The answer is simple; it can be all possible by installing the Teleparty Extension, which is basically free. But at the same time, Teleparty is not a standalone streaming platform, as you can stream via it on different streaming platforms.

And a few of them are Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Hotstar, and Netflix itself. Moreover, you can better understand it as a complete package of choices on one platform. So don’t limit yourself to only one place to watch from, as you can enjoy watching all your favorite videos from different locations. The fact is it allows third-party interference while watching videos via playback video in sync. Besides streaming in real-time sync, you can enjoy a lot more on Teleparty, such as its features. Undoubtedly, you will be mesmerized by its user-friendly features such as HD Resolution, Real-time Sync, Group Chat, and a lot more. Furthermore, don’t think you end here, as an entirely manual process takes place when it comes to organizing a watch party.

How to Create a Teleparty?

If your work ends in arranging a compatible web browser and a device to install the Teleparty extension? Then, you're mistaken, as there are many minor steps that you need to follow to create a watch party. So, please don’t wait; prepare a list of your 100 dearest ones to invite them to your watch party. And let’s begin it:

Install Teleparty Extension
Pin Teleparty Extension
Log in to Streaming Account
Search, Select, and Play
Create a Teleparty URL
Join Teleparty

Blazing & Useful Attributes of Teleparty

Were you expecting something more besides streaming movies and shows with friends on Teleparty? If yes, you were, then, you don’t need to get upset as here you have its amazing features. Using these features results in making your watch party even more enchanting. So don’t wait to use these features while streaming at your watch party. And see the magic within a few clicks, so let’s get started;

Worldwide Access
Complete Control
Live Group Chat
HD Resolution & Seamless Sync
Access to All
Teleparty Profile Customization

Customize Chat

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