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How to Choose Teleparty Extension to Watch Movies Together Online with your Friends

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It’s quite easy to plan for a Teleparty but has anyone thought about how to execute this plan? Don’t worry, as it’s not that hard the way it seems or sounds. Therefore, here is a manual guide leading you toward choosing a Teleparty Extension. So you can effortlessly begin streaming with friends & family by hosting a Watch Party. And by sharing the Watch Party link whenever you want to every time you host. However, before you jump straight into the process, it is highly suggested to learn some basics about Tele Party, How to use Teleparty, and the process to install Teleparty itself. 

So, take everything one by one. In that case, the Teleparty extension is an online plugin that enables streaming movies & shows with friends in real-time from anywhere worldwide. Apart from this, it has a range of amazing features that you can use to add enhancement to your watch party. Hence, one of them is a “Group Chat” feature enabling real-time communication with friends. That’s how Tele Party is filled with a lot of entertainment and amazing, to explore them all by you. Don’t forget to check out the section below, where you can find everything right from scratch.         


Process To Choose Teleparty Extension To Stream With Friends  

To choose the Teleparty extension and watch movies together online with your friends, follow these steps:

1. Determine Compatibility: First and foremost, you and your friends must be using a compatible web browser. And don’t worry about the availability because, as an extension, Tele Party is available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. Therefore, ensure that all the participants must have installed any of these browsers on their PC/laptop. 

2. Install the Teleparty Extension: First, you need to visit the web store on any of the above-given web browsers to install the Tele Party extension. And then, search for "Teleparty" or "Netflix Party" on it. Locate the Teleparty Chrome extension and click on "Add to Chrome" (or the respective browser's equivalent). Follow the prompts to install the extension.

3. Launch the Streaming Service: Teleparty supports working on multiple streaming platforms. And these are Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, HBO Now, and Disney Plus. Therefore, it is required to choose a streaming service that you and your friends are accessing. In order to use a streaming service, you need to open it in your browser and then sign in to your account.

4. Start a Video: Before you start playing the video on your streaming service. First, you must select a movie or TV show you would like to watch together.

5. Activate Teleparty: Look for the Teleparty extension icon next to your browser's address bar. It should have changed from gray to red after installation. Click on the Tele Party icon.

6. Start a Teleparty: It will show you a pop-up window prompting "Create a Teleparty." The watch party's host has a choice to have total control over the playback. Or leave it open for all the participants present at the watch party. Next, you need to choose your preference and click the "Start the party" button. 

7. Share the Teleparty URL: Now, it will show you a new pop-up window with a unique URL for your Tele Party session. You need to click the "Copy URL" option to copy the link to your clipboard. Your work needs to be completed by copying the URL, as sharing it with your friends is equally important. Moreover, you can opt for options like messaging apps, email, or any communication method to share the link.

8. Joining a Teleparty: Your friends must also install the Teleparty Chrome extension on their browsers. Once they receive the URL, they can click on it to join the Teleparty. Alternatively, they can click the Teleparty extension icon in their browsers and input the URL.

9. Customize your Avatar and Nickname: You can customize your avatar and nickname by clicking on the Teleparty Chrome extension icon during the session to personalize your presence in the chatroom.

10. Enjoy the Movie Together: With Teleparty activated and everyone in the party watching the same content, you can chat and interact in real time using the chatroom feature provided by the extension. Share your thoughts, reactions, and enjoy the movie or show together, virtually connected.

Remember, Teleparty is available only on laptop and desktop computers, not mobile devices or smart TVs. Enjoy your virtual movie-watching experience with friends using the Teleparty Extension!

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