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Best Web Series to Watch on Jio Cinema 2023

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JioCinema is one of the most popular OTT platforms in India. Jio Cinema is known for offering a wide range of content across genres and languages. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for some thrilling crime dramas, romantic comedies, or historical sagas. You will find JioCinema very much promising towards delivering something that blends with everyone’s taste. Therefore, here we try to make efforts in sharing details about the top 5 best web series of all time that all the JioCinema lovers must watch.


And remember, the below section only covers the glimpses of availability of web series at Jio Cinema. Because there’s a lot more to discover to watch at Jio Cinema. Moreover, to share your streaming experience with friends, it is highly recommended to install an online tool called Jio Cinema Extension. The best part is that both accessing and installing it are entirely free-of-cost. So don’t delay installing it now and let your streaming experience reach the next level.  

Top 5 Web Series to Watch on JioCinema  

Here are some of the best web series available on JioCinema, therefore; install Jio Cinema extension now to watch them. Notably, that availability and ratings may vary over time, so it's best to check JioCinema for the most up-to-date information on these web series. So let’s get started: 

1. Asur

Firstly, we have "Asur": "Asur" is a unique web series that combines mythology and psychology to create a dark and twisted tale of serial killers and forensic experts. The series follows two CBI officers, Nikhil Nair (played by Barun Sobti) and Dhananjay Rajpoot (played by Arshad Warsi), as they try to catch a mysterious killer who calls himself Asur. The series delves into ancient Hindu scriptures and rituals used by the killer to plan his murders, challenging the beliefs of the investigators. Moreover, this Crime & Thriller based web series “Asur” has 8 episodes, plus it scores 8.4(IMDb rating). Furthermore, it is available on JioCinema from March 2nd, 2020 for its viewers. 

2. Tandoor

The next we have is "Tandoor," inspired by the infamous Tandoor murder case of 1995. Moreover, "Tandoor" revolves around Palak Sharma (played by Rashami Desai), an aspiring journalist. Who unintentionally falls in love with Sahil Sharma (played by Tanuj Virwani), a rising politician with a dark secret. As their relationship progresses, Palak discovers Sahil's true nature and decides to expose him. The series explores themes of love, betrayal, power, and crime. 

Furthermore, the “Tandoor” is a crime and drama based web series that has scored  5.6(IMDb rating). Plus, it takes a total number of 6 episodes to end this series. Lastly,  the availability of this web series is available on JioCinema from July 23rd, 2021 for its viewers. To share your viewing experience with friends, install Jio Cinema Extension now.   

3. Apaharan

On the third number we have the web series named "Apaharan." Watching "Apaharan" via the Jio Cinema Extension would be great if you want to know the story of Rudra Srivastava (played by Arunoday Singh), a former police officer. In the web series the former police named “Rudra” gets trapped in a kidnapping racket run by a powerful politician. In the later part of the web series, Rudra finds himself trapped in a web of lies, corruption, and violence that endangers his life and his family. 

The series exposes the dark side of politics and crime in India. Moreover, it also draws your attention toward the heart wrenching performances by Arunoday Singh, Nidhi Singh, Mahie Gill, and Varun Badola. Furthermore, the IMDb rating of this crime & drama based web series "Apaharan” is 8.3. The total number of episodes "Apaharan” covers is 12. You can watch it anytime on JioCinema as it’s available since December 14th, 2018. 

4. The Great Weddings of Munnes 

On the fourth rank we have the web series "The Great Weddings of Munnes," which you can watch for free at Jio Cinema Extension. Basically, the web series "The Great Weddings of Munnes" talks about the extravagant and lavish weddings of Munneswaran Iyer (played by Rajesh Kumar). He played the character of a wealthy businessman from Chennai. Moreover, it has a total of 5 episodes and each episode focuses on one wedding ceremony. 

Where you will see Munnes attempts to impress his guests with opulence and generosity while dealing with humorous situations and complications. The series provides insights into the culture, traditions, and humor of Tamil weddings. Furthermore, this web series "The Great Weddings of Munnes'' is a complete package of Family Comedy and entertainment. Plus, as per the IMDb rating it scores 8.2 and available for its viewers on JioCinema from November 14th, 2021.   

5. Inspector Avinash

Last but not least is the web series named "Inspector Avinash," which you can enjoy watching with friends via Jio Cinema Extension. It is based on the real-life story of Inspector Avinash Mishra. This web series "Inspector Avinash" is a crime thriller series that takes the total number of 10 episodes in covering the whole story. Moreover, it has an IMDb rating of 8.4 and is open for all the JioCinema lovers since May 18th, 2023. 

The story of "Inspector Avinash" draws attention towards the challenges faced by the police force in solving renowned cases in Uttar Pradesh during the 1990s. Furthermore, you may find Randeep Hooda playing the nominal character. Who takes his intuition,  intelligence, and courage into charge to crack complex criminal cases and bring justice to the victims. The series also features Rajneesh Duggal, Amit Sial, and Mahesh Manjrekar in important roles.

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