Paramount Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge


Enjoy the revolutionary extension that allows you to communicate with loved ones who live far away. Through this extension, you can watch your favorite movies with your friends. Furthermore, the Paramount Plus Watch Party’s most appealing feature is that it is entirely free. This extravagant party add-on also includes exciting features that will captivate your curiosity. Although, if you’re unsure how to install the extension, we’ll walk you through it. We’ve put together a set of instructions to help you learn more about the Paramount Plus Watch Party.


The Paramount Plus Watch Party is simple to download. You may also set up the watch party with a few simple clicks. Furthermore, it is a simple install and download plugin for users. Moreover, this extension will allow you to watch your favorite movie or television show with your friends.

Search for the Teleparty plugin in your web browser. Furthermore, you can also use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to download it on the fly. The extension is also compatible with Mac OS, Chromebooks, and Windows. You can also download the Teleparty extension for your device here.

The extension should be pinned to the toolbar. Users can also bookmark this by clicking the “ICON” next to the address bar. As a result, pinning the Teleparty to the toolbar allows you to access it later.

Log in to your Paramount Plus account to avoid any issues with syncing your chosen video. Please double-check that everyone has their membership. Furthermore, everybody who wishes to participate in the watch party must have their own account.

You must search for your desired videos every time you log into your account. Henceforth, you can host a Paramount Plus Watch Party by playing and pausing the movie.

Make sure you press the ‘extension’ icon in your toolbar when pausing your video. As a result, a pop-up titled “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” will appear. Hence, click the pop-up that displays, which will display a URL. You must now copy and share that URL with your friends for them to join the Paramount Plus Watch Party via Teleparty.

After that, copy and distribute the Watch Party invitation URL to the people you want to invite. In addition, you’ll be able to navigate the one-of-a-kind streaming experience in just a few simple steps. Therefore, the invitation code allows you to have unlimited members.

Finally, click the link to the watch party. You can install it on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge if you don’t already have it. Henceforth, in order to join the watch party, you must have a separate active membership.


If you host or join any watch party via Teleparty, you will always feel more at home with this feature. Thus, you can talk while watching your favorite videos on Disney in real-time with all your loved ones.

You can now communicate with your buddies from any location and at any time. Furthermore, you may use this plugin to host and attend a free virtual viewing party with your friends from anywhere.

A live chat feature is included in this extension, allowing you to engage with other users. You can also send emojis to your friends as reactions.

Did you know that you can grab complete control of the Disney party via Teleparty? Yes, you can. Therefore, as the Disney plus watch party host, you can opt to control the watch party by enabling the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button. Moreover, you can control the forward, pause, play, and rewind settings. Apart from this, other members of the Disney party can still control their system settings like subtitles, audio, and language.

You can bring a personal touch to your Disney plus watch party by customizing it. However, you can put a fun nickname, an amusing user icon from the inbuilt avatars to make it quirky. Moreover, these features will appear in your group chat and watch party.


The Paramount Plus Watch Party on Teleparty is methodically organized and performed. However, the feature of limitless subscribers may put the system at risk of overload. If your watch party isn’t working anymore, double-check that you’ve installed the correct Teleparty extension.