Hulu Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Host Hulu Watch Party Via Teleparty Worldwide

Hulu Watch Party is the newest way to watch a movie with distant friends. Thousands of Hulu shows, movies, and videos are available in its library for free. Stream anything anytime with anyone around the world. Do not let the distance affect your relationship, and arrange a Hulu party now. Moreover, Add your loved ones and many other friends without worrying about anything. Teleparty is the best user-friendly extension to give you the best experience to enjoy binge-watching. Therefore, Continue with this read and know how to add fun to your watch party with the fascinating features.

Host Hulu Watch Party Via Teleparty Worldwide

How to use Teleparty?

Teleparty is the best extension where you can host Hulu Watch Party seamlessly. You can watch your favourite shows and the best Hulu Movies in upgraded HD quality with your loved ones even in a few clicks. Here is the complete procedure how to execute it:
use teleparty
First, you have to install the Teleparty extension using either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on your device. Moreover, the extension supports only Chromebook, Windows, or macOS laptop or computer.

Once the installation is finished, you should pin it to the toolbar by clicking on the “Teleparty” placed next to the address bar. Furthermore, you need to click on the “Teleparty” so you can move forward in the procedure.

Then, go to your Hulu account and log in smoothly. Furthermore, please note that your account must be subscribed. Also, each member that you want at your watch party needs to carry their separate Hulu Account Subscription for the smooth process.
Now, please Search for your most desired Hulu video and tap it to play on.

After the video starts playing, go to the toolbar and click on the “Teleparty” you earlier pinned there. Suddenly, you will notice a “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” window on your screen. Moreover, a button named “START A PARTY” is available on the same window. Smoothly press this button to host a Hulu Watch Party. Then, a URL will be generated itself, which you need to copy and share with your friends with whom you want to enjoy the Hulu Party.

How To Join A Hulu Watch Party

It is very simple to join an Existing Hulu Watch Party. All you need to do is follow the starting steps mentioned in the hosting process, such as downloading the Teleparty extension, pinning into the toolbar, and logging in to your Hulu account. That’s all, now please click on the link shared by one of your friends who will host the party. This single click will take you to the existing Hulu Party, where you will get all your buddies watching the same video. 

Unique Teleparty Features

Features enhance the video streaming experience, and users can get more fun when they properly know about the fascinating features of the extension. Therefore, Teleaprty is also equipped with enjoyable features that will give you a thrill and give you a lot of reasons to stay longer:

Control the Disney Plus Watch Party

You will have the authority to enable the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button so that you will get complete control over the party. This control consists of playing, Pause, Forward, and Rewind the particular video. Hence, enjoy this unique feature of the extension and adjust the video as per your mood.

Spread the Love Worldwide

There is no country restriction with this extension, and you are allowed to host or join a perfect Hulu Watch Party anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can meet with your friends virtually despite miles away in a few clicks. However, you need a smooth updated subscription of your Hulu Account to make it run hassle-free, and that’s all. Stream any Hulu Video in sync to enjoy the same at the moment and start binge-watching with unique features.

Integrated Chat Feature

This unique feature is available to let you feel your co-watchers around. When you chat with your friends while streaming, it will provide you with another level of happiness. Sharing your thoughts and scenes of the current video is the best feeling ever. So, to enjoy the theatre, feel virtually with friends, simply host or join the Hulu Watch Party via Teleparty anytime.

Best HD Streaming With Fast Buffering

Isn’t it enough? Ok, let us tell you more benefits of the extension. You will get the smooth HD video quality with quick buffering to enhance your watch party experience. Therefore, Teleparty is a one-stop destination for all your requirements to spend quality time with loved ones. This feature is specially made for all Hulu fanatics to let them enjoy it a little longer.