Hotstar Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge



Are you thinking about having a fun movie night with your friends? But, all your loved ones live remotely. Thus, we are here to rescue you and provide a fantastic solution to your problems. Now, we have introduced “Hotstar Party” for our audience who want to enjoy watching their favorite movies and shows with their loved ones together but aren’t able to because of long-distance. Hotstar streams many TV shows, movies, and sports for your entertainment. Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution operate Hotstar. Therefore, you can also find Walt Disney movies’ luxury in Hotstar.
Thus, now host and join Hotstar Party for free anywhere you want. Moreover, you can share emojis and have a live-chat feature in the Hotstar watch party. Yes, you have heard it right, all these fantastic features and videos under a single platform without throwing any bucks. Hence, learn how to execute a Hotstar Watch Party via Teleparty. Although prior to that, you have to download the Teleparty extension. Therefore, know how to install it through these steps:


First, install the Teleparty extension from your Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser. Also, make sure that you have macOS laptops, Chromebooks, Windows, and Computers. The Teleparty extension supports these devices only.

Second, what you have to do is simply pin the” Teleparty” to the toolbar. Moreover, if you face an issue finding the “extension icon,” then locate the ‘puzzle icon’ situated at the top of your screen. Thus from there, click on the ‘puzzle icon’ and pin the “extension icon” to the toolbar.

Third, make sure you have an existing account on Hotstar. Therefore, after installing and pinning the extension icon to the toolbar, you have to log into your Hotstar account. Also, keep in mind to have a subscribed account on Hotstar to join the watch party.

Fourth, after login into your account, search and select your desired video. Further, start streaming the video and pause it for a while to add members to your Hotstar Watch Party.

Fifth, now you are just a few clicks away from creating your own Hotstar Party. Hence, to host a Hotstar Party, click on the pinned “extension icon” next to the address bar. Then, a window will open with “Start a Party.” Then, click on this pop-up to create a URL invitation for you. Through this URL, you will be able to share links to your mates to join your Hotstar Watch Party.

Joining a Hotstar Party is a piece of cake. To join the party, one should have a subscribed account on Hotstar. Therefore, you just have to click on the URL shared by your friends. And, it will instantly direct you to your teleparty.


Above all, Hotstar Watch Party via Teleparty comes with overwhelming features that will indeed sweep you off your feet. It provides you enticing features from having LIVE CHAT with your friends, connecting you GLOBALLY, you can host or join the watch party from any corner of the world. Moreover, you can enjoy your movie night in the best cinematic experience ever.
Therefore, hold onto your seats tight and get ready to have the most unforgettable day ever with these sensational features.

Watch any shows, movies, or LIVE sports in HD quality. It lets you connect with your friends and family and gives you the privilege of streaming the videos in the best video quality. Thus, the video quality does not affect a bit while streaming your preferred video.
The most exciting feature of Teleparty is that it enables you to connect with your loved ones globally. Hence, you can watch your favorite movies anywhere you want.
If you are worried about privacy concerns, then do not stress enough. We are here to maintain 100% confidentiality of all the watch party members. Therefore, have a leap of faith in us and go get your extensions installed.
Who doesn’t want to share their views and add some more spice to the plot with their theories? Thus, the extension brought to you has the LIVE CHAT feature, enabling you to convey your instant thoughts. You can also share emojis on the same.

Are you planning on executing a watch party containing more than a dozen members? If yes, then we are here to save your day. Through the Teleparty platform, you can now share the link to join your watch party with ‘unlimited members.’ Therefore, chop-chop and install the extension to have the best movie day ever.


The Hotstar Party extension runs flawlessly. Though, we understand sometimes glitches might occur. Sometimes, there is server overload or some other issues. Thus, ensure all these criteria are fulfilled before running the watch party?

In short, movies and tv shows work as an anchor in our lives to come closer to our friends and family. Therefore, stream any genre you want, and let’s bridge the gap between you and your loved ones.