HBO Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Organize an HBO Max Watch Party on Teleparty

Organize an HBO Max Watch Party on Teleparty

Watching HBO Max on HBO Max Watch Party will make your day all the more entertaining. Teleparty is an ultimate license to binge watching rage. It brings you and your friends’ the ultimate ott platform for HBO Max shows and movies together. Moroever, Teleparty is an ingenious extension through which you can stream HBO Max content with your distant loved ones by hosting a virtual HBO party.

Steps to host an HBO Max Watch Party via Teleparty

To anchor an HBO party, you first install the Teleparty extension. Moroever, you can download the extension from Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Browser. Furthermore, this extension runs perfectly on Chromebooks, Windows, and macOS devices.

Once the extension is downloaded, pin it to the toolbar. Now click on the extension, you will see the HBO party icon next to the address bar. Pin it to the toolbar. However, if the icon is not present, click the puzzle icon in the address bar and pin the extension from there.

Following the steps next, you have to sign in to your HBO Max account.

Note: all users must have an individual subscription to take on all the excitement at the HBO Max watch party.

Now, select and play your preferred movie or tv show that you want to watch with your friends on sync. Thus, you can stream all the best entertainment of HBO Max on your virtual HBO party.

To host a virtual watch party, click on the HBO Max extension icon in the toolbar. A window saying “Create a watch party” will appear. Next, click on the “Start a party” option to host an entertainment spree as an HBO Max party. Furthermore, copy and share the invitation link/URL with your party clan.

How to join the HBO Max Watch Party?

To join a fun movie night with your distant friends, you must install the Teleparty extension. It’sIt’s available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Browser. It functions smoothly on Chromebooks, Windows, macOS laptops, and pcs.

The next step is to log in to your HBO account. Open the streaming app on your respective devices and sign in. However, please remember that all the participants need to have their separate subscription to join the HBO party.

Now you will be redirected to the HBO Max watch party after clicking on the link sent to you by the party host. A party where your friends can wait and pause for you. Thus, you can watch all your ideal entertainment in sync with your party mates. 

Features that multiplies your watching experience

Teleparty is a friendship band that ties all the friends under one thread. It’s also an free and user-friendly extension. However, there is more to it so that everyone can stay connected while riding the wagon of entertainment. It has some enriching factors which will enhance your binge-watch. Moreover, the following features can cut all the distance barriers and you can enjoy it with your pals.  

We all crave buffer-free content. Right! Now you have the quick fix for your craving through the Teleparty extension. It serves you HD Quality HBO Max movies and tv shows. Hence you can savor the content with your party members in sync that is free. Furthermore, you can customize your video resolution accordingly.

Anyone can host and join an HBO Max watch party in the regions and countries where HBO Max is available. Moreover, it is preferred that the watch party members be in the same country. In the case of different regions where HBO Max is not available, you can use VPN services to change your location and join the party following the steps mentioned above.

As the host of the party, it’s your duty to look out for everything and everybody, which is tiring. However, being the anchor of the HBO Max Watch Party is a cakewalk. You will get complete control of the party you hosted in which you can play, pause, forward, and rewind the video. You can also enable the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button in green. However, you could disable the option if you don’t feel like controlling the HBO party. However, the party members would have control over their devices, and they can alter the language, audio, and subtitle settings accordingly.

In Teleparty you can give your account more fun and quirky personal touches. In addition, you get to discuss your favorite characters, scenes, and songs in live chat rooms. Hence, you can customize your chat setting by applying inbuilt profile avatars and keeping playful usernames. 

Features that multiplies your watching experience

Troubleshooting HBO Party Errors

HBO Max Watch Party on Teleparty is a consistent extension. It’s technical perfection for hosting virtual watch parties. However, problems can pop up anytime while many people join in. Presently, 100 people can become members of the HBO Max Watch Party at once, due to which server overload is a common issue. Just in case you face any complications, please ask yourself-

In short, movies and tv shows work as an anchor in our lives to come closer to our friends and family. Therefore, stream any genre you want, and let’s bridge the gap between you and your loved ones.