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How do you Watch Netflix together with your Friends Using Teleparty

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Thinking of watching videos, movies, or series on your favorite streaming platform “Netflix” on Teleparty is not possible. Then, it would help if you rethought it as now nothing seems impossible. Yes, it is 100% true; streaming Netflix with all your friends, family, and those who live far away via Teleparty Chrome Extension is possible. But before this, let’s have a close look at Tele Party. So it was formerly known as Netflix Party, a browser extension allowing you to watch synchronized content with friends and family. 

Moreover, it enhances the experience of watching movies and TV shows together, even when you are physically apart. With Teleparty Chrome Extension, you can synchronize video playback across multiple devices and have a shared viewing experience. Besides, it works by synchronizing the video playback of a chosen content on popular streaming platforms. And these are Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max. Apart from real-time streaming, it also provides a chat feature that allows participants to communicate in real time while watching videos. 

Remember, an entire extension installation process takes place to access it for streaming. Notably, while Tele Party was primarily designed for Netflix, it has also expanded to support other streaming platforms. Furthermore, to learn more about this extension, visit its official website or simply through the below section.  

Process to Watch Netflix with Friends via Teleparty

You can follow these steps to enjoy watching Netflix with your friends using Teleparty Netflix. And remember, all the participants at your Netflix Teleparty must have their own Netflix accounts to access and stream video content. Let’s get started; 


1. Install Teleparty Extension 

Firstly, install the Teleparty extension on your web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Further, visit its official “” website and search for "Teleparty" in your browser's extension store.

2. Launch Netflix  

Once you successfully install the Teleparty extension on your device. Begin by launching Netflix streaming service in your web browser. And carry onwards by signing in to your account.

3. Select & Start a video 

Next, either choose a TV show or movie that you have planned to watch with your brats. Once you have made a choice, begin playing it and ensure the video is ready to watch.

4. Generate Watch Party Link  

Afterward, click on the Teleparty extension icon in your browser's toolbar to see if the video is playing. Consequently, it will open a pop-up window, where you must click the "Start the party" button to generate a Netflix Teleparty link.

5. Share Watch Party Link 

Instead of keeping the Netflix Teleparty link to yourself, please share it with people you want to enjoy viewing. Hence, copy the watch party link and share it with your friends or family. To share the link conveniently, either use messaging apps, an email, or any other preferred method.

6. Join Watch Party  

To enter the Netflix Teleparty, the joiners must click on the watch party shared link by the host. Doing so will redirect them to the Netflix website, where they need to install the Teleparty extension. 

Highlighted Attributes of Teleparty

Tele Party(Netflix Party) has several astonishing attributes or features that make it a popular choice. Plus, levitate the viewing experience of watching movies & shows with friends or family. And these are: 

1. Video Playback in Sync  

Enjoying viewing experiences with distant and close ones worldwide is possible due to its inbuilt playback videos in sync feature. Using this feature enables all participants to view videos simultaneously in sync from anywhere. This means pausing, playing, or seeking within the video will reflect the same action for everyone at the party.

2. Support Several Streaming Platforms 

While initially designed for Netflix, Teleparty has expanded its compatibility to support other popular streaming platforms such as Disney+, Hulu, and HBO Max. Moreover, this broad support enables users to enjoy content from a variety of sources together.

3. Cross-Platform Compatibility 

Tele Party is available as a browser extension for multiple web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. This cross-platform compatibility allows users to create or join Tele Party sessions regardless of their preferred browser.

4. Live Chat Functionality

Tele Party includes a chat feature that allows participants to chat in real time while watching the content. This provides a platform for conversation, sharing reactions, typing messages, sending emojis, and engaging with others during the viewing experience.

5. Free to Access  

Tele Party is completely free for its users when it comes to installing and using it. Which makes it highly flexible and accessible for its users all over  the world. Notably, it is possible that some streaming platforms may ask you for a subscription to access their service.


6. Customizable Options 

Apart from expressing emotions via emoji reactions or opinions about specific scenes or moments with a single click. Teleparty allows its users to customize their Tele Party session by naming the party, uploading an icon or image, and selecting an emoji, making it more personalized and fun.

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