is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge


Enjoy your favorite videos with anyone around the world in sync together. Don’t let distance come in the way of your streaming fun. Download the Teleparty extension for free now and start making memories with your distant yet close ones. Moreover, Teleparty supports major streaming websites, including Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Hbo Max, and Disney Plus. Experience the new-age method of streaming with anyone with a cinematic quality at home.


Therefore, with this, you can host a watch party on any of these famous streaming websites and enjoy yourself with people who are far away. Teleparty offers fantastic features to take your watch party to the next level. Hence, download this free extension to take your daily dosage of entertainment.


Teleparty is a free and easy-to-use extension to host and join a watch party within minutes. Therefore, throwing a virtual watch party is just a click away. Keep reading the tips, tricks, and simple steps to use This extension and connect virtually with your pals.

First things first, install the teleparty extension on your device. Moreover, please remember that you need Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to install this tool. This extension is also compatible with macOS, Windows, Chromebooks, and Computers.
The next step is to pin the extension icon of Teleparty to your browser’s toolbar. Therefore, after installing the extension, you must pin the extension icon. However, if the extension icon of Teleparty is not visible to you, then click on the puzzle icon on the top right corner of your browser. You can pin the extension icon from there.
Now, choose a streaming website to host the watch party. Moreover, Teleparty supports Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Hotstar, and Disney Plus. Therefore, choose any of these and then log into your account. Please remember that you need to have your separate subscription on the streaming websites to create or join a watch party.

Now, search and play the video you want to watch and enjoy with your pals at the watch party.

Now, click on the extension icon placed in your toolbar. A small window named “CREATE A PARTY” will drop down there with a button called “START A PARTY.” Click on that button to generate an invitation link to the watch party.
Furthermore, you must share this generated invitation link with the friends you want at the watch party. Therefore, just copy and share the watch party link with them.

You can join a watch party with Teleparty very quickly. Install and pin the extension and then log into the streaming website you all have decided to stream on. Finally, click on the invitation URL you received from your friend, and you will reach the best ever watch party.


No matter where your loved ones reside in the world, you can host a watch party there and stream absolutely anything in sync.

You will experience the perfect synchronization, which remains intact even if the host pauses, rewinds, or plays the video.

Host of the watch party? You have the option of controlling the watch party by enabling the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button. However, you will be able to play, pause, forward, and rewind the video. Please remember that the system settings still lie with all the watch party members. Therefore, all the watch party members can still modify their language, subtitles, and audio settings.

Take your watch party to the next level by bringing a personal touch to your user profile. Hence, you can customize your watch party by choosing a nickname and putting an amusing user icon.
You can watch your favorite shows and movies with your favorite people from the major streaming websites. You can choose amongst the best streaming websites, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Hotstar, and Disney Plus.

You can chat via the group chat feature with your friends while you stream. This feature brings you closer to the people living far away. You all can react to particular scenes and enjoy the video.

Teleparty has ultra-fast speed in all the watch parties to avoid loading issues. Thus, there are no buffering issues, and you can enjoy movies and TV shows hassle-free.

With this, you get HD video quality at all your watch parties. Hence, with HD resolution, you get to have a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home.


What will you watch?

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Teleparty is a free and user-friendly extension that allows you to create watch parties on Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Hbo max, and Disney Plus. You can stream the watch party in perfect sync worldwide.

Teleparty is available in all the countries where the supported streaming websites – Netflix, Hulu, HBO max, Hotstar, and Disney Plus are available. Therefore, make sure that the particular streaming website is available in the countries you want to host. Although it is preferred that all the watch party members be in the same country, if someone belongs to another country, they can use VPN services and change their country location to join the watch party.

Teleparty allows you to add as many people as you’d like to your watch party. However, they all need to install this extension and have separate subscriptions on the streaming website.

No, you can host or join a Teleparty via mobile. However, It supports Chromebook, Windows, macOS, and PCs.

All watch party members must have their separate subscription on the particular streaming website to join the Teleparty. For instance, if you want to create a watch party on Hulu, all watch party members must have their separate subscription on Hulu.